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When you choose to use a third party supplier there are different contracts to choose from, anywhere from fixed to indexed terms. You can actually purchase the electricity at a fixed rate. Unfortunately the Utility will never offer fixed rate pricing. By fixing your rate you can guarantee your electric and natural gas budgets and protect against an upward swing in pricing.

Index Products are also available. Index pricing is great for customers when the market is high and they feel the market will decline. You may also combine these two products by fixing a certain part of your load and letting the remainder float on index terms.

Demand Response is a great program to add income by powering down your electric load. This program lessens the strain on the Electric Grid by having customers curtail their electric usage.

Clear Energy Solutions also offers Efficiency Programs that help lower electric usage as well as Solar Energy Programs.

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“We are very satisfied with Clear Energy Solutions. They delivered great rates and created our yearly electric and natural gas budgets for us. Budget certainty is a huge plus when dealing with property management”

Samantha J., Property Management