Solar Energy the Clear Energy Solutions Way!

Solar Energy is a great fit in California! The Golden State is currently the number one state for Solar Energy due to the sun and the generous rebates that California offer.

Unfortunately the one drawback that has always been seen with Solar Energy is the cost. Most solar companies today are charging very high margins for their residential and commercial installs, making it very costly for most business and home owners to reap the benefits of Solar Power.

Clear Energy Solutions takes a completely different approach. We’ve lowered our margins and only offer the very best panels to our customers.
We firmly believe that everyone should be able to receive the great benefits of Solar Energy. Most suppliers today are charging anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000 for a Solar Energy install on a residential house. For an average residential install we can supply a rate of $6,000 to $10,000.

We keep our margins very low and pass the savings on to the customers. Many of the larger suppliers have too much overhead and are padding their price quotes with incredibly high profits.

Full Service Provider

Clear Energy Solution’s currently services Business as well as home owners for Solar Energy. One of the advantages of working with Clear Energy Solutions is that we take care of every step during your switch to clean power—including engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring. We make it easy and affordable to go solar with uncompromising service.

Custom Designs for Your Home or Business

We know every Business and home is different. Our knowledgeable energy consultants will work with you to design a solar system to meet your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style. Our in-house engineering team will then draft a set of custom blueprints based on your goals and your home’s architecture and electrical infrastructure.

Quality Installation and Project Management

Clear Energy Solution’s professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. We use only the highest quality solar panels, equipment and hardware.

Clear Energy Solution’s has a full Customer Care team that will manage your project from beginning to end. We will handle all interaction with local permit offices and city and utility inspections.

Identify and Apply for Government Incentives

Federal, state and local governments offer incredible financial incentives to make renewable energy very affordable. But navigating through government programs on your own can be intimidating. Clear Energy Solutions will identify all of the qualifying programs for your system and file the required paperwork for you.

Direct Financing

Clear Energy Solution’s flexible financing options allow you to install a solar system based on your financial goals. The combination of your low monthly solar payment and new lower electricity bill is typically less than what you are currently paying the utility company, plus you can lock in a lower cost for power for years to come. Financing directly with Clear Energy Solutions instead of using a third party makes it easy for you to have a single point of contact and accountability for your system performance.

Is Solar Right for Your Home or Business?

Getting solar with Clear Energy Solutions is easy. The first step is to figure out if solar is right for your home or Business.

Step 1: Solar isn’t right for every home or business. How about yours?

Solar is a great fit for your home or business if:

  • You own your home or property
  • Your minimum electric bill is $45 each month.
  • Your roof has minimal shade and faces south, east, or west

The easiest way to find out if your home or business is a good fit for solar is to talk to one of our consultants. They’ll let you know in 10 minutes or less whether it’s a good idea. You won’t have to wonder about those trees in the backyard or whether your roof is big enough.
It’s pretty painless. Give us a call at 302-750-3217.

Step 2: The home / business visit

We’ll set you up with one of our certified installer partners. They’ll come out to your house or business and take a look at your roof and break it down for you:

  • What it will cost
  • How much you’ll save
  • Where the panels will go on your roof
  • Answers to every question you can think of

Our installers are highly qualified and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Signup and installation

Once you signup, Clear Energy Solutions and our installer partner will take care of the solar installation. In no time, you’ll be up and running with your new solar system!

How Commercial Solar Systems Work

Solar system components work together to power your business or home with clean energy from the sun.

A. Solar Panels

Solar panels are installed on your roof or adjacent structure. These panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into DC power.

B. Inverter

The DC power from the solar panels is sent to an inverter, where it is converted into AC power, or standard electrical current used to power your facility.

C. Electrical Panel

AC power travels from the inverter to the electrical cabinet, often called a breaker box. This power is then available to service all of your electrical needs.

D. Utility Meter

The utility meter continually measures your electrical supply; when your solar system produces more power than you need, the meter literally spins backwards, accumulating credits with the utility company that will offset your next bill.

E. Utility Grid

Your business remains connected to the utility grid to supply you with electricity when you need more power than your system has produced, such as at night.

Lower My Electric Bill

Dramatically Reduce Your Utility Bill

When you begin to generate your own solar power, your utility bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your solar system and your electricity usage. You will still draw some power from the utility grid, but at a lower-priced rate tier. Clear Energy Solutions will design a system that’s right for you and determine the optimal utility rate structure for your remaining energy needs.

Sell Excess Power to the Utility Company

When your solar system generates more electricity than your home or your place of business can immediately use, your excess power flows back to the utility grid and your meter literally spins backward! Most utility companies will pay or credit you for this electricity.

Your solar system produces the most electricity during the middle of the day, during “peak” hours when the utility rates are at their highest. This is to your advantage, because you can sell excess electricity at high peak rates in the afternoon, and buy electricity back at lower “off-peak” rates at night. You buy low and sell high! This is referred to as “net metering” and can reduce your utility bill even further.

Protect Yourself from Rising Energy Prices

Residential utility companies are dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which are vulnerable to volatile foreign markets.

When you switch to solar power, you are hedging against rising utility rates. You can lock in low, predictable electricity costs for years into the future. As utility rates continue to rise, your savings can grow every year.

Save with a Solar Energy Plan

Solar power can cost less than power from the utility company. Plus, Clear Energy Solutions offers flexible financing plans so you can save right away. You can also fully prepay your solar electricity so that you do not have to any ongoing monthly bills.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar systems have no moving parts, so there is very little ongoing maintenance required. Clear Energy Solution’s solar panels carry extensive warranties and are exceptionally well made so that you don’t have to worry about spending money on system maintenance.